In-Office Professional Teeth Whitening vs. Take-Home Whitening Trays (2024)

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In-Office Professional Teeth Whitening vs. Take-Home Whitening Trays (2)

Professional teeth whitening at the dentist is the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment, but you may be considering in-office professional teeth whitening vs. take-home whitening trays.

Both are effective in whitening teeth, but the main difference comes down to the application method and the time required before you see results.

It’s no surprise that professional teeth whitening is so popular because it’s effective and inexpensive to improve a smile’s look drastically.

So, which is best for you?

Our team at Love Your Smile offers professional teeth whitening and will help you compare the two options.

What is the best teeth whitening?

The best teeth whitening method for you depends on your ideal shade, time, and budget.

A dentist will recommend the best teeth whitening option, depending on your needs.

The benefits of in-office whitening include:

  • Completed under a dentist’s supervision
  • Quick and takes about 1 hour
  • Has the ability to whiten teeth by several shades in 1 treatment

The benefits of take-home whitening trays include:

  • Can conveniently do it at home in private
  • Slowly whitens teeth and can perform touch-ups when needed
  • Costs less than an in-office professional whitening treatment

The downside to doing your whitening at home is the risk of gum and tooth sensitivity if the instructions aren’t followed correctly.

Fortunately, dentists clearly explain how to whiten teeth safely at home and make it easy with custom-made trays.

It’s important to note that DIY whitening isn’t as strong as in-office whitening, which is why it takes much longer to see the desired result.

Before starting any type of whitening treatment, you should make sure your teeth and gums are healthy and speak with your dentist to compare teeth whitening options.

Why professional teeth whitening?

Are you hiding your smile because it’s not as white as it used to be? Maybe you’ve tried whitening toothpastes, whitening pens, whitening strips. The list goes on…

Factors that affect the color of teeth are controllable and uncontrollable, so sometimes DIY teeth whitening isn’t enough.

Controllable factors that affect the color of teeth include food and drink that cause staining, dental hygiene, and smoking. At the same time, uncontrollable factors include age, injury, medication, and medical history.

As we get older, enamel wears, and teeth may appear duller and discolored.

But you deserve to shine bright with a whiter smile, and a professional teeth whitening may help you achieve this.

Professional teeth whitening by a dentist is safe, quick, and cost-effective.

It comes down to each patient.

The best way to whiten teeth depends on the individual case.

How in-office professional whitening is done:

First, you and the dentist agree on the desired shade of white for your teeth.

Then sit back and relax, and we get to work.

Your mouth and gums are protected, and the whitening gel is placed on the teeth. A light activates the whitening process, and the session takes about 1 hour.

In a single visit, you’ll get a more beautiful, white smile. This option is perfect for someone who has a wedding or big event coming up and needs a fast smile makeover.

It’s the most popular, most comfortable, and affordable cosmetic dentistry procedure.

Learn More About Professional Whitening

How to whiten teeth at home with take-home whitening trays:

In this option, the dentist provides a custom-made whitening kit with fitted trays and a bleaching solution for teeth whitening at home. Instructions are outlined to help you perform the treatment at your convenience.

Step one in getting take-home whitening trays is to schedule a consultation with your dentist and create impressions for the custom-fit whitening trays.

The trays are shaped to whiten teeth evenly and to limit any whitening solution exposure on sensitive areas like the inside of the mouth and gums.

Before whitening at home, you should brush and floss thoroughly. Be sure to rinse well.

When ready, use your whitening kit and follow the instructions to achieve whiter teeth. You’ll see results in just a few weeks.

Looking for the best teeth whitening options in Seattle?

If you’d like to improve your smile in time for a wedding or big event, then our team at Love Your Smile is ready to help you find the best teeth whitening method for your needs.

We offer Zoom!… opens in a new window to Philips website… teeth whitening in the office and custom kits to take home for touch-ups.

In addition to cosmetic dentistry, we offer a wide range of dental care – all under one roof for your convenience.

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In-Office Professional Teeth Whitening vs. Take-Home Whitening Trays (2024)


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