Who Is Ryan Seacrest Currently Dating? Exploring American Idol Host's Romances Over The Years (2024)

Ryan Seacrest, the American Idol host has got the media buzzing about his current girlfriend whom he has been secretly dating for 3 years now. Read to know more about all his relationships!

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Who Is Ryan Seacrest Currently Dating? Exploring American Idol Host's Romances Over The Years (1)

Ryan Seacrest shares pictures with Olio (PC: Instagram )

Ryan Seacrest is private about his romances. Yet, his long list of exes has often caught public attention. Seacrest’s name lingered amidst breakup rumors with Shayna Taylor, his girlfriend of seven years. The ex-couple ended their seven-year-long on-and-off relationship in 2020. Recently, the American Idol host has got the media buzzing about his current girlfriend whom he has been secretly dating for 3 years.

Who is Ryan Seacrest's new girlfriend?

Ryan Seacrest is currently dating model and actress Aubrey Page. They first met each other on Memorial Day Weekend in the Hamptons New York in 2021. The host even expressed his elation about the new relationship on Live with Kelly and Ryan.

“I’m happy in the present moment. I don’t think about anything else. Why push it? I think having kids at the right time would be great,” he said.

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Seacrest hard launched Aubrey on Instagram this year. “Happy #ValentinesDay @aubreypaige, can’t wait to eat that cookie dough with you but first, @disneyparks churros,” the notable host wrote.

All About Ryan Seacrest's relationships over the years

1. Shayna Taylor (2013-2020)

After nearly eight years of on-and-off dating, Seacrest and Taylor called it quits for the final time in 2020. His longest relationship yet, Seacrestwas just opening up about his private lover. Marking the “wonderful” time, Seacrest told People. “For the last six months, we both wake up an hour earlier than we used to so we have time together to work out, take a walk, take our time without having to rush.”


But it was anticipated that this breakup was a rather serious one. According to the source, Taylor “wanted more out of the relationship” and was ready to “get married.” However, Seacrest was probably taking it too slow or was not at the same level as Taylor.

2. Hilary Cruz (2015)

Seacrest didn’t instantly jump back to Taylor after he split with Renee Hall. The American Top 40 host dated former Miss Teen USA Hilary Cruz. They reportedly met at Seacrest’s 40th birthday party while keeping their relationship simple and casual. A source told People, “They’re having fun.”

Soon after, Seacrest has retraced his steps back to Shayna Taylor.

3. Renée Hall (2015)

In another of Seacrest’s fleeting romances, the TV host dated model Renée Hall. The brief affairamounted to only a few dates in 2015. This was also in between his breaks from longtime girlfriend Shayna Taylor.

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4. Julianne Hough (2010)

Ryan Seacrest’s most high-profile relationship was with Julianne Hough, professionally known as Julianne Moore. They dated for three years before calling it quits in 2010. The Dancing with the Star alum was moments away from making it big in Hollywood. She and Seacrest also caught the media’s attention with their steamy getaway to St. Barts, per RadarOnline.

Therefore, Hough once noted her relationship with Seacrest as “dating my first celebrity crush” to US Weekly. “So I feel pretty fortunate,” the May December actress added. A year later, the duo broke up, and Hough married hockey player Brooks Laich in 2017.

5. Jasmine Waltz (2009)

The Black Water actress was romantically linked to Seacrest in 2009. They started dating briefly after getting introduced to each other at a lounge in West Hollywood, Guy’s. Waltz and Seacrest were often spotted hopping around bars and restaurants around Hollywood but split up discreetly later on.

6. Sara Jean Underwood (2007)

The model and TV host apparently dated Ryan Seacrest on and off for years since 2009. But Sara Jean Underwood claimed they had never slept together during an appearance on the Howard Stern Show. The 2007 Playmate of the Year disclosed that Seacrest liked hanging out in groups and going to fancy dinners which was not her thing.


The American Idol host would invite Underwood to his house to hang out with him and his family. The ex-couple never passed the kissing stage despite dating for two years, per sources.

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7. Teri Hatcher (2006)

Teri Hatcher hatched a hilarious joke while narrating the only date she went on with the Live with Kelly and Ryan host. According to the Stylecaster, the Desperate Housewives alum revealed that after a meredate and one kiss, Seacrest broke it off on the phone saying, “I don’t think I can do this with you.”

In 2006, photographs of their kiss made headlines following which Hatcher spilled the tea in an interview with Oprah.Reflecting on Seacrest’s rejection, the 59-year-old singer joked, “I don’t know. I ate too much lobster? You’d have to ask him.” She added that she hadn’t “seen him” after the infamous date.

8. Shana Wall (2003-2005)

Ryan Seacrest and the Marshal Law actress Shana Wallstarted dating in 2003. Seacrest and Wall also attended the 57th Primetime Emmy Awards as a couple. However, the TV star split with the 49-year-old host after two years of dating, in 2005.

Later on, the duo were once again spotted together in New York City during one of Seacrest and Taylor’s breakups in 2016. There wasn’t any confirmation if they were dating though.

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Who Is Ryan Seacrest Currently Dating? Exploring American Idol Host's Romances Over The Years (2024)


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